15 Things Today’s Digital Planners Will Never Know the Joy of Doing

By: Eleanor Bothwell

Internet’s down, time to go home, right? These days a connection crash is the number one threat to productivity around the media agency. After all, how are you supposed to traffic ads with no onramp?  Hard to believe, but this wasn’t always the case…

A bit of backstory for those new to the game: Media Experts was Canada’s first independent media agency. We’ve been hustling our media-first mantra since 1981, and with 36 years in the biz comes a slew of prehistoric knowledge of how the game was played back in the day.

Trust us – we’ve seen some things that are enough to make the modern-day planner drop their iPhone X in shock and awe. Check out this list of top 15 things today’s digital planners will miss out on:

True, those were simpler times. But with progress comes more complexity, a greater need for speed, and increasing client expectations. The differences between 2005 and today are gaping – it’s hard to say for certain what the industry will look like in 10 years (though we’d bet our bottom dollar that an AI bot will be writing the follow-up post to this blog).

No matter what comes down the pike, there’s a surefire recipe for continued success. Working in an industry as ever-evolving as media means a constant commitment to staying on your toes. Keeping your skills sharp, your curiosity peaked, and your hand raised for the latest trainings are all actionable ways to stay ahead of the curve. With innovation and education already baked in at every level of our agency, we’re cultivating a future-centric team of Experts that are excited to take on the next wave of changes.