Alan S and Sydney D Takes on Mount Kilimanjaro

We are excited to share Sydney D’s, Specialist, Social and Alan S, Senior Director, Programmatic, next big adventure with you!

They will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in support of nabs Canada‘s 40th anniversary, and are aiming to raise funds to help this amazing organization continue to provide vital programs and services to those in need.

Who is #nabs?

Nabs has been a lifeline for individuals and families in need for 40 years, and they continue to be a vital resource for the industry and the community. Their programming and services have been lifesaving, and they often show up when things seem impossible and assemble a circle of care to help guide people through tough times. To learn more visit

Let’s all cheer Alan and Sydney on! To donate to Alan, click here, to donate to Sydney and her mom (who will be climbing with her), click here. Donations are encouraged but completely at your discretion.