Asian Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Farial Nazim, Media Planner

Farial Nazim has been working in the marketing and advertising industry since completing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto. Through a referral from longtime friend and Media Experts’ Investment Specialist Cherica Edwards, Farial accepted a Media Planner role for the WestJet account in 2021.

Now working on Air Miles, Horizons EFTs and MINI, she consistently impresses her clients with effective, custom tailored media plans. Farial has a clear understanding of her clients’ needs and seamlessly delivers on their KPIs, all while supporting her team, and working with vendors and media partners. She attributes her strong work ethic to working in the friendly and vibrant environment at Media Experts “The people here are great. Even if you don’t know anyone, there is always someone who will come up and speak to you.”

An avid music fan, Farial has seen over 200 bands and artists live in concert, something that she describes as her escape. “When I’m at a show, I feel like everything will be ok. The best concert I’ve been to is Arcade Fire.  It was euphoric. It was the weekend of my 20th birthday, and everyone was singing along to all their hit songs. When they sang Way Home, I made a bunch of jokes about how I found my way home”.

Describing herself as well-read, getting lost in books is one of Farial’s favorite pastimes, with travelling as a close second. She recently visited Versailles in France. Taking in the rich history around her was an eye-opening experience. “It was such a moment of awe for me to think of what took place right where I stood”.

Growing up in a Muslim household, she celebrated two main holidays every year, Eid al-Fitr, being her favorite.  “My friends and family would apartment hop, eat food, and dance together. My Mother would make a Bangladeshi sweet called Balushahi, which she baked from scratch. In Bangladesh, the whole country stops to celebrate Eid. Here in Canada, we celebrate together as a community. It’s different but we make it work.”

One thing in her heritage she is proudest of is the perseverance and determination of the Bangladeshi people. “Bangladesh wanted to be its own country and defend their language. The people persevered and made it happen.  My parents taught me that when you want something in life, you have to push and stand firm. They also taught me to always be who I am and not change to fit in. Living your life on your terms and lives and being happy is all that counts.”