Black History Month 2023

As you all know, each February we take time to acknowledge and celebrate the culture, the history and the accomplishments of Black individuals here in Canada as well as globally. While a single month is not nearly enough to do justice to the myriad of individuals who have made and impact on our world, we take this time to highlight only a few – with the hope that we all take the time to continue to investigate, learn from, support and be entertained – by Black culture throughout the year.

This coming February, the Media Experts DEI committee will highlight and recommend ways that you can get involved and support Black culture through books, entertainment, events, supporting Black-owned companies, charities and actions that will hopefully create and expand your knowledge and appreciation of Black culture. So, keep an eye on this space, and please share your own recommendations and thoughts with us. Let’s keep the conversation going.

We look forward to your participation and feedback!  Happy Black History Month!

– Richard Ivey
Chief Procurement Officer