Google Search Updates Promise Better Search Management

Google announced three new search marketing developments last week. The first provides marketers with greater in-app advertising opportunities. A second provides new reporting metrics that help bridge search marketing and in-store engagement. The third marks the advent of new tools for search marketers designed to simplify the management of reporting data in Adwords search campaigns.

App Marketing – New search features announced by Google have been designed to simplify advertising around consumers engagement with mobile apps. A familiar frustration with both marketers and app developers is the high drop-off rate exhibited by consumers who download apps. Fully 80% of apps are used only once following download so Google in attempting to address this issue has created new search ads that deep links to a page within a mobile app already downloaded by a consumer. This type of re-targeting is aimed at driving increased app interactions and provide highly contextual environments for advertisers while tracking engagements including app installs, open rates and checkouts.

Google also announced four Adwords Tool Innovations that are designed to minimize the time involved in managing campaigns, allowing advertisers to spend more time on campaign optimization and analysis.

Some of the useful features include

• Bulk actions in the UI allow for more efficient navigation within Adwords, saving tine.
• Greater options for Automated bidding rules
• New multi-dimensional reporting, real time data population and navigation should improve time management significantly.
• A new Testing Lab permits campaign managers to test optimizations to gauge effects before rolling out across an entire campaign. This refinement of Estimated Total Conversion has been designed to give advertisers deeper insights into a search campaigns’ impact on in store conversions or cross device engagement.

As these new products roll out in the next few weeks Media Experts will be closely monitoring their performance and gauging whether or not to incorporate them into our search marketing tool set.