In-Store Mobile Usage Has Become The Norm

Mobile usage in-store has become the norm for Canadians. A Google study from May 2013—performed in conjunction with the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research—indicated that a majority of shoppers that own smartphones use them in physical stores. The report showed that smartphones are transforming the in-store shopping experience, as consumers are empowered by the information they can access at their fingertips. Mobile devices are also influencing the path to purchase and increasing basket sizes, as those who are frequent in-store mobile users end up spending 25% more.

The continued growth of this trend is highlighted by the 2014 Holiday Shopping Study—part of a report conducted by Tapped Mobile, App Promo and BrandSpark—that found that more than 70% of Canadians (and 80% of younger people) use their smartphones while shopping.

Most are using their devices for ‘showrooming’, in other words researching products, comparing prices and searching for coupons; only 10% are actually using their phones to pay for items. The study also discovered what consumers are planning on doing while holiday shopping this year: compare prices with different retailers to decide where to buy a product and/or take advantage of price-matching guarantees, take pictures of items they are thinking about buying, research product features and read product reviews.

This data points to the importance of location-based advertising in your mobile strategy, as this tactic is uniquely positioned to reach consumers as close as possible to the point of purchase.