Media Experts Celebrates 40 years

This year, Media Experts celebrates the 40-year anniversary of its foundation in Montreal. It also marks 25 years for the Toronto office and 15 years for the Vancouver office. It’s a year of milestones! This success did not happen overnight. A combination of forward-thinking first-class talent, of strong and prolific partnerships and a desire to grow with the changing times has brought Media Experts to where it is today and continues to propel us towards the future. As proud as we are of everything we’ve accomplished over the years, our story is so much more than milestones, dates and timelines. It’s about heart, culture, and most of all- people.


A retrospective manifesto


We are Mavericks. Leaders. Visionaries.

For 40 years, we have brought the very best to our clients, because the very best talent in the industry works at Media Experts.

We lived company culture long before it was a buzzword. Expecting the very best from our people meant that we had a responsibility to be excellent in return.


We were a family, we are a family, but always second to the one at home. We are enduring proof that when talent is nurtured, it thrives, grows and delivers. We value expertise, we reward passion, and we celebrate hard work. We fight to keep our talent and our retention has often been one of the best in the industry.


Great results start with great ideas. That is why our minds and our doors are always open. Hierarchies exist only to keep things flowing, never to hold us back. Our DNA is composed of every single Expert. We all impact decisions that impact us.


We have the last four decades to thank for where we are today. Non-traditional from the start, we saw opportunity where few did. Focusing on ROI rather than solely on creativity, we quickly made our mark and were joined by brands that make Canadians proud. These milestones were punctuated with a series of firsts. We were the first Canadian agency to serve our own ads, to use retargeting, to launch a search practice, to offer Business Intelligence service.


Today, we are proud, solid and show no signs of slowing down. Some things are timeless. We are going to continue to be true to our maverick spirit, we are going to continue to put people first, we are  going to continue to keep our gaze turned towards the future.


And some things are meant to be re-learned,  to evolve, to be improved. We are equipped with the best and brightest teams, allowing us not only to serve our clients, but be their guide into the future, navigating challenges and being on the forefront of the innovations the industry has to offer.


We believe in a future that is bright, inclusive, and equitable. We are committed to continue doing our best work as an agency while mirroring the diversity in the communities we serve. Along with our clients, we will contribute to a media landscape that we can take pride in.


We will continue to make history, on the right side of history.