Media Experts Drops Mid-Season TV Report

It may be called the Spring TV line-up, but it sure still feels a lot like winter to us out there. Either way, we’re continuing to hibernate this season with a list of new shows to keep us company, as well as some Fall favourites that continue to make the cut.

Since our Fall 2016 TV hits and misses predictions, we’ve seen an unprecedented 6 new shows making the Top 20 list. While Media Experts hit the mark with audience favourites like Designated Survivor and This is Us, even we were duped by the unexpected appeal of apparent hits like MacGyver and Kevin Can Wait…

The question on everyone’s mind is who will make it to see a Season 2. So far, no firm cancellations have been announced, but rumour has it that a couple (cough–Conviction, Notorious, The Exorcist–cough) are closer to the chopping block than they’d like to admit.

Our website includes a synopsis of the 16 new shows hitting Canadian airwaves this winter/spring, as well as our Media Experts opinions and predictions. Be sure to check out our reviews of last season’s results and how we fared in our Fall 2016 predictions. Spoiler alert: They were alarmingly on-point.