Media Experts’ Fall TV Website has Landed

Dramas, reboots, and spinoffs – oh my!

Yes, the time has come to tune back into TV as the 2017 Fall Television season is set to premiere, with a whopping 61 new and returning shows gracing the Canadian airwaves. We don’t know about you, but it feels like an eternity that we’ve been hanging on to those cliffhanger endings from last Spring. Time for some answers and some entertainment!

Now, for a look at what’s trending. Of the 25 new shows appearing this fall, the 1-hour drama reigns supreme, with comedies lagging slightly and reality shows all but fading straight off the map. Networks continue to play it safe with the resurrection of vintage shows that have seen success in the past, like they did with MacGyver last fall.

Get ready for reboots: Returning this year is Will & Grace (with all original cast members in tow), Roseanne, and SWAT (starring heartthrob Shemar Moore in the leading role).

We’ve also got a roster of spinoffs hoping to catch the eyes of loyal viewers of the originals. Shows like Young Sheldon from Big Bang Theory are sure to draw a crowd, as well as the newest spinoffs from the Law & Order and Grey’s Anatomy franchises, respectively.

Visit our TV Website to see our top picks of the crop and find out what you should tune into this fall.

Happy viewing,

The Media Experts TV Team