Media Experts in the News: May


How COVID-19 is Affecting Planning

In May’s edition of CARDonline, Nathalie Dupont, Director, Broadcast, spoke with CARDonline to answer the following question: What’s the best antidote for news fatigue. Kris Davis, our SVP, Client Business Partner gives his take on how brands can invest strategically. Read more here.


Lloyd Lottner Helps Find Positivity in the Unpredictable

These days, finding positivity in the unpredictable is a skill to fine-tune. Our Montreal Account Group Director, Lloyd Lottner, joined Eat It Up Media and other industry professionals to discuss the current media landscape, what the future holds, and, most importantly, how to keep spirits high during these unprecedented times. Watch the full video here.


The Rise of TikTok and How Brands can Win

The Globe Marketing Hub featured Taylor Guthrie, Manager, Social Media’s article on the rise of TikTok, and four ways that brands can maximize their presence. Read more in The Globe Marketing Hub.