Media Experts Launches Suite of End-to-End Analytics Services

Response to Privacy Regulations; Reduces Complexities,
Puts Client’s Data Back in Their Control

As the world of media measurement and audience segmentation evolves, so do the growing blind spots that tech and privacy policy updates cause on certain types of data. To pre-emptively combat these challenges and better control client data as a way to maximize effectiveness of digital media strategies, Media Experts is launching an end-to-end client solution offering for onboarding, maintaining, and extracting maximum value out of Google Analytics 360.

This newly formed Audience and Analytics service will harmonize activity across all digital channels, ranging from implementation of Analytics platforms and extending all the way to the facilitation of advanced insights based on multi-channel attribution models and predictive data modelling. The service also brings forward a unique skillset that includes SQL development capabilities; providing data mining and predictive modelling services within platforms like Google’s Big Query. The output: leveraging client data to generate stronger insights and build smarter, more personalized campaigns and experiences.

“The skills and resources needed to gather, manipulate, and leverage digital data for advertising are continuously evolving and changing,” explains Karel Wegert, Senior Vice President, Digital Media Systems, Media Experts. “The creation of our Audience and Analytics group is an acknowledgment of where we see the industry heading and an opportunity for us to ensure we continue to provide our clients with a holistic set of services that work together to drive performance.”

“As the Google Marketing Platform continues to evolve, GA360 will play an increasing and central role for advanced marketers looking to organize and activate their data to drive business outcomes,” explains Matt Thornton, Director, Google Marketing Platform, Google. “Both brands and agencies are working through how they need to evolve their people and process to get the most value out of GA360. The approach that Media Experts is taking should ensure they can meet their client’s needs around measurement and analysis both today and in the future.”

Media Experts began filling the gap between Audience and Analytics with their clients over the course of the last couple of years, but building a service that anticipates the rapid change in digital media’s pace requires an assembly of specialized skills. To hire for these evolving needs, the agency added two additional resources to their existing digital team working within client analytics platforms. This evolving team includes a newly hired Data Analyst and Supervisor of Analytics, with an internally promoted Director of Search and Analytics to lead the team moving forward.

The program has already launched projects with two of the agency’s largest clients. This new offering joins the roster of industry-leading solutions that Media Experts has driven over the years, including establishing Canada’s first Business Intelligence service and in-house programmatic trading desk.

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