Media Experts Spotlight on Chris Latham, SEO Analyst

Curious, relentless, and forward thinking, our friendly SEO Analyst, Chris Latham, first joined Media Experts as a coordinator in October of 2020. A Montreal native, Chris grew up playing sports, riding and diving into new adventures at every turn. Soon after completing his studies in Psychology at Vanier College, Chris worked as a personal trainer and performance specialist for 10 years. This is where he crossed paths with our Founder, Mark Sherman, who first introduced him to Media Experts.

In addition to his invaluable contributions to the SEM and SEO teams, Chris is the SEO Analyst for clients like Royal Canadian Mint, Interac, Trail Appliances and Tanguay. Charismatic and driven, he is not only responsible for SEO and paid media campaigns from start to finish, but also goes the extra mile to ensure clients have a greater understanding of how their search marketing efforts are reaching their audiences, which impacts their bottom line.

A lifelong learner, Chris takes every opportunity to learn something new. “I use all digital formats of learning; audio, visual, written and sensory” he says.

In his down time, Chris constantly feeds his lifelong curiosity by exploring: places, concepts or people, whatever there is to discover. He describes his best times being the thought-provoking conversations he’s had with friends and colleagues, “expanding and seeing different points of views”.

Being the resident Search Expert in Vancouver, a position he started during the pandemic, Chris has successfully transitioned from behind the screen to make a true impact within the organization, from his contributions to Search marketing and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, to working on improving the Merit Bursary program or just sharing his thoughts in meetings and one-on-ones. He credits the open-door culture at MEX for making employees comfortable enough to be themselves, to share their ideas and to collaborate harmoniously.

“It’s refreshing and being heard and being able to reach out to anyone adds to the culture of care”.

He attributes his determined attitude and cool demeanor to his mom’s influence. She taught him to look out for those who look out for you and to always do something for the sake of doing it, and not because you expect anything in return. Fueled by these philosophies, this ambitious young man strives to be successful, to give back and most importantly to share this blueprint with others. “Everyone talks about making all the money and donating it back. But instead, to really improve your community, donate the blueprint of how to get out of a bad situation.”