Media Experts Spotlight on Déadya Massa

Déadya Massa began working at Media Experts in 2017 as a Senior Programmatic Analyst on the Xpeto team. On her first day, she found herself jumping right into the heat of the action of the demanding Q4 Bell Canada campaigns, all while her immediate supervisor was preparing to go on maternity leave. With the support of the planning and the programmatic teams guiding her though her new role, she continued to make great strides, impressing her team and her clients alike.

Continuing on this path, she was then promoted to Supervisor the following year and then again in 2021 to her current role, Manager of Programmatic Media. Describing herself as a jack of all trades, Déadya is a very hands-on manager. From training to working on client’s performance, optimizations and strategy, she is very rigorous and thorough when it comes to her work. Always giving it 150%, she pushes herself to be better at every turn, leading the programmatic team in the same direction. She is a very optimistic person, always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Even throughout difficult times, she is determined to push through.

Déadya really enjoys working and growing in the supportive and helpful culture at Media Experts, and believes this environment fosters a space where people can be themselves and work comfortably no matter their role.  “It’s all about the people and the culture.  I didn’t realize I missed it until the Christmas party.  You don’t find that anywhere else – this is pretty special”.

Growing up in Montreal in a large Haitian, African family, Déadya Massa does not recall many dull moments as a child. With a twin sister and other siblings by her side always creating some kind of adventure, from building forts to reenacting musicals they saw on TV, she always had the ability to dream up fun activities and would often get lost in her imagination. “I am a dreamer; I dream a lot. But then, at some point I’m like “Stop dreaming and just do it”.

As an avid traveler, she has had the opportunity to visit many countries, with her favorites being Mexico, Spain, St. Lucia and even Barbados, where her sister kept a watchful eye everywhere they went for a glimpse of the “Bajan Princess” Rihanna. Next on her list is Japan and to discover more of Canada.

When asked if she was related to anyone famous, Déadya mentioned that her cousin is Moe Jeudy-Lamour, a Montreal actor who plays the goalkeeper on the hit TV show Ted Lasso.

Recently she read Milk and Honey by Rubi Kaur, a collection of poetry and prose that really re-ignited a love and passion for reading she has not had since college, “It’s a small poetry book and it gave me back my desire to read.  Brought back the spark of reading.”

Déadya has recently taken up Cross-Country Skiing. Despite her feelings about winter, she found herself really enjoying the sport and usually takes to a nearby slope each morning to get in an hour’s practice.