Media Experts Spotlight on Nicolle Williams, Media Account Supervisor

Nicolle Williams is an experienced Media Account Supervisor, who started her journey at Media Experts through an employee referral.  Our very own Jillian Clarke reached out to a former professor, and they recommended Nicolle for a Media Coordinator role.

From her very beginnings at our agency, she has worked with high-level clients, one of the first being Bell Canada, and Virgin Mobile and Internet. Now, she caters to major clients like Pizza Pizza, Pizza 73 and Price Waterhouse Coopers, developing dynamic media strategies and solutions to meet their business objectives. On top of this massive to-do list, she prioritizes her team in Toronto, making sure they are set up for success and career growth. “I want to pass on all the tools that people gave me in the beginning that got me where I am today”.

An ambitious and driven person, Nicolle is inspired by the strong female leadership at Media Experts. “I really want to grow within this company. There are so many incredible women that work at Media Experts in powerful positions. I want to be that”.

Creative and musically inclined, this kind soul is known for her melodious voice and loves listening to artists across all genres. She even curates playlists on Spotify for friends and for special occasions, like the Media Experts Black History Month playlist released this week.

While she is no stranger to a good time, she describes her best moments as the quiet alone times when she can be at peace and get lost in her thoughts. “I’m such a homebody. I love spending time alone and just practicing self-care, I love reading and maybe seeing a friend or two”.

A budding TikTok chef, Nicolle loves to cook, especially for others, and usually opts for an improvisational approach, throwing away the recipe book and measuring cups in favor of making it up as she goes. “I taste everything and think about the flavors that work together. I feel it.”

Being forced to grow up at a young age, Nicolle has been the heroine of her story, overcoming the odds and finding the strength in her own ambitions to achieve her dreams. A courageous woman, who was once awarded a Citizen’s Awards from Durham Region for saving a woman’s life, she was also brave enough to break out of a destructive cycle in her own life by staying focused on excelling in school and growing in her career. She is grateful to her friends and family for their support and says that her parents are her greatest cheerleaders and her biggest inspiration. “They have gone through so much and they encourage me to be better.  I am very thankful for that.”

A big advocate for giving back and helping others, Nicolle is a big supporter of The Remix Project, which provides top-notch alternative, creative, educational programs that helps youth from marginalized and underserved communities enter creative industries or further their formal education. Nicolle herself is an alumnus of this program and says this was the main inspiration for her to pursue a career in in advertising and media. “They were part of the reason I got into this industry. I got the opportunity to learn and collaborate from some of the most talented people in Toronto”.

Another charity near and dear to her heart is the Red Door Family Shelter, introduced to her by Eleanor Bothwell, Media Account Director at Media Experts. Nicolle has been volunteering and helping this non-profit organization that provides emergency and crisis support for women and children in need.