Must be the season of the Chicks – Part Four – “The Ugly”

Finally, the list you have all been waiting for! The “must avoids” of this years’ new Fall TV Season offerings. These shows, fortunately few in number, have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. They seem to eschew any shred of entertainment value favouring rather to annoy and insult the viewer, and would have been best left on the cutting room floor. Unfortunately for Shaw, they seem to have ended up with the dregs of the new Fall TV programming.


Happily Divorced (Global) – Does anyone really want to hear Fran Drescher (yes that Fran Drescher!) whine about her husband of 18 years finally admitting he’s gay? Here’s a throwback we may want to throw back!

How to be a Gentleman (Global) – This is so bad it won’t last beyond the first commercial break. Trust us on this!

I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Global) – A kind of “Mean Girls: The Next Generation”. There is a reason some mothers eat their young.

Free Agents (CTV) – A US version of the UK cult series of the same name. Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn deserve better. The only way this could be worse is if they were lawyers instead of neurotic PR executives. Note to producers: British humour does not always work on this side of the pond.

This concludes our  brief overview of the new Fall fare. So program your PVR’s and mark your schedules! The new season debuts this coming Monday with CTV’s new hit “ Whitney”, Shaw’s returning favorites “NCIS” and “Hawaii 5-0” and Rogers’ 2 new shows “ 2 Broke Girls” and “The Playboy Club”.

Happy Viewing!