Must be the season of the chicks – Part Three – The BAD

We are a couple of weeks away from “Premiere Week” and you have no doubt seen most of the promos for the new fall shows. You have also no doubt formed your opinion on most of these shows based on network clips that encapsulate the shows’ best moments. Well, Caveat emptor.

Having seen all of the pilots we have an advantage over most of you and have prepared our list accordingly. These shows do not have a common thread other than the flaws that they share.


New Girl (CITY) – Three’s Company in reverse but not as funny. Zooey Deschanel does an admirable, although quirky job, but I found the whole premise and males’ behavior farfetched and unrealistic. We are bucking the popular vote here but sticking to our guns.

A Gifted Man (Global) – Despite Jennifer Ehle’s striking performance in the pilot, Patrick Wilson’s arrogance is a complete turnoff. There is a reason why this show has been slated to air on Friday night (the lowest viewing night of the week_. Thumbs down.

Ringer (Global) – We have to agree with some TV critics who described this show as a “hot mess”. Was Sarah Michelle Gellar thinking she might get a double pay cheque by playing twins? Another Friday night casualty?

Up All Night (CTV) – Christina Applegate and Will Arnett make a great couple in this single camera sitcom produced by SNL’s Lorne Michaels but the trials and tribulations of balancing careers and parenting has limited appeal, especially with those going through it. X Factor will kill it.

Last Man Standing (CITY) – Tim Allen stars in this sitcom about a man grasping for his masculinity in a family of four women. Kelsey Grammar couldn’t do it, Paul Reiser couldn’t do it. What makes Tim Allen thinks he can do it?

Unforgettable (CTV) – Poppy Montgomery stars as a NYPD Detective with a medical condition that gives her the ability to remember everything. Dylan Walsh is miscast as her ex lover and her current boss. Flaw#1 – she would have had to be present at all of these crimes in order to remember anything. Might find an audience with Ghost Whisperer followers. Unforgettable? We’ve forgotten it already.

Grimm (CTV) –  Inspired by the classic Grimms Fairy Tales. A Buffy clone without the sense of humor. No fairies – just scary. Another Friday night filler. Grim indeed.

You wonder why there are so many casualties each new fall season? You’ve just had a glimpse of how difficult and challenging it is to get a new show off the ground. Wait ‘til you see the final list next week – THE UGLY!