On Our Own Needs our Help

On Our Own (O3) is a Montreal non-profit organization for young, underserved families, providing support services in an affordable transitional housing community. Their program is focused on reducing isolation and thriving through the power of community.

Media Experts have been proud supporters of this organization for eight years now, having called on our friends and partners in the industry to help us raise essential funds with an annual comedy benefit show. Now, we’re calling on our network again for help.

While O3 are actively adapting their services to provide support online during COVID-19, many of O3’s 29 parents have lost their jobs and are single parenting for very young children, all alone, 24/7. The weekly child care respite O3 offers their moms to concentrate on self-betterment through education is unavailable due to the current social distancing measures in place.

While they have received donations to help cover the cost of food for our moms and their kids during this time, the reality remains that without a stable income, moms are having a hard time providing essentials for their families like formula, diapers, cleaning supplies and materials to ensure early childhood education continues. Here’s how donations can help these families:

  • A 25$ donation provides essential cleaning supplies and feminine products for O3’s moms.
  • A 50$ donation covers some of the essential infant needs for one family. For perspective, one week’s worth of formula is $48, and a single pack of diapers for two weeks per child is $30.
  • A 100$ donation provides activities like arts and crafts and educational toys to help single parents keep their children active during isolation.
  • And $250 would let them provide each of our children at O3 with educational materials for two weeks so they can continue on the education path that breaks the cycle of poverty.

If you have the means to donate, however large or small, please join us in becoming a friend of O3 today by visiting www.o3onourown.com/donate.

And thank you!