Pride Month 2023


With the arrival of June, we now find ourselves immersed in a vibrant and significant time of the year—Pride Month. This is a moment for us to reflect on the values that define us as an organization and reaffirm our commitment to fostering a workplace culture that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our team members.

At Media Experts, we believe that inclusivity and respect for all individuals are fundamental principles that drive our success and enable us to reach new heights. Pride Month offers us an opportunity to reinforce these core values and acknowledge the contributions of our LGBTQ+ employees and communities. This is not a performative gesture, but rather a genuine effort to create an environment where everyone can thrive, be their authentic selves, and feel a true sense of belonging. It is also about ensuring that in our work with clients, we are using these values to guide them, to continue to mold the media landscape into an inclusive and equitable space.

Of course, Pride Month extends beyond office walls. We strongly encourage you to participate in local LGBTQ+ community events, sponsor relevant initiatives, and collaborate with external organizations to contribute positively to the larger cause of inclusivity and equality.

Celebrating Pride Month is not limited to June alone. We will continuously strive to create an environment where LGBTQ+ employees can be their authentic selves year-round. This includes fostering a culture of respect, addressing any concerns promptly, and providing the necessary resources and support to ensure everyone feels valued and included. We encourage you to stay informed, constantly be in a state of learning and listening and to keep an empathetic, open mind.

Remember- our actions speak louder than words, and together, we can make a difference that resonates far beyond our organization.

Here’s to a stronger, more inclusive future for all.

Happy Pride Month!