Pride Month Employee Spotlight: Bartu Suer, Media Coordinator

Bartu Suer joined Media Experts in 2021 as a member of our Residency Program, shortly after graduating from the University of Guelph. He completed his studies remotely from his home country of Turkey during the peak of the pandemic before relocating to his current home, Toronto.

Now working with clients like Bell Canada as a media coordinator, Bartu has truly grown into this role, going from traditional admin coordinator tasks to planning small campaigns.  He is lauded for his great relationships with his client and has the full support of his planning team and colleagues.

Saying that he feels right at home at Media Experts, Bartu primarily appreciates the people and working in a welcoming, comfortable environment, “It’s going to sound cheesy – but being able to be myself and collaborate with people from my own community has been amazing. I get along so well with the people I work with and that truly make me feel like I can flourish into who I want to be.” The only thing missing in office now is the Chef, he says. He hopes to continue to climb the ranks at Media Experts as he works towards his goal of making his stay in Canada a permanent one.

Bartu describes himself as being happiest when he’s surrounded by good and genuine people, “I didn’t really have a place to call home in Turkey because I felt I didn’t belong. So, it’s more about when I’m happiest and not where.  It is about being surrounded by good people, it’s about the vibe and the energy for me.”

This year will mark Bartu’s first official Pride Month celebration in Canada. In addition to making a leading contribution in our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee activities this month, he is also looking forward the many celebrations, parties, parades, and events across the city. “It is surreal to be surrounded by my community, I’ve interacted with more people now than I ever had.  I did not have a support system in Turkey.  I was also struggling internally myself.  But now, having a support system allows me to overcome these challenges. Support to me doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible and physical.  Just being there and feeling supported, safe and heard is all I need.”

Through life’s journeys, Bartu has learned that you shouldn’t seek external validation to believe in your value. These life lessons have taught him to be strong, independent, resilient and most of all believe in himself.

One of his proudest moments was starting over in Canada. Choosing to relocate was a hard choice, but with his love of music and entertainment came dreams of living in Los Angeles, California. But while attending university, he fell in love with Canada and thought it would be the next best thing. “Until I graduated university, I didn’t see myself settling here, but then just saw myself as being here was a good path for me.”

Ambitious Media Coordinator, talented singer/songwriter, amazing colleague, friend and advocate. Whatever path Bartu does take will be filled with incredible adventures and stories.