Pride Month

Queer, but not just as in attraction to the same gender. Queer as in deconstructing the binary. Queer as in revolutionary thought. Queer as in liberation and being and acting in love.

Welcome to Pride Month! Every year, the month of June is when we honor and celebrate the LGBTQIA2S+ community, their culture, and contributions to Canadian history. Throughout this month, the MEX DEI Committee will be highlighting Canadians part of the community that have had important cultural impacts on history, as well as those who are still part of the everlasting journey for equality, inclusion, and representation. We will be showcasing some of our own who are part of the community, putting the spotlight on them and learning about the queer experience first-hand. You can also look forward to inspiring media recommendations. Our committee will highlight books, movies, TV shows that talk about LGBTQ issues and culture; as well as ways to support local queer businesses.

Our goal is to inform and inspire by highlighting the amazing people, stories, and businesses part of the community.We hope that the stories and resources we share throughout this month will stay with you long after the fact and help us think more consciously about what we can do to show support to the incredible members of this community. How can we provide support without it being performative? How can we make sure we don’t perpetuate harmful stereotypes within our field? Why does representation matter so much? These are all questions we hope to inspire conversations about, and we hope you enjoy learning more about Pride Month, and the LGBTQIA2S+ community.