Fall TV is Back!

The new Fall TV lineup of premiers started on September 23rd, and with it comes the age-old question: which will survive a full season?

Luckily, the broadcast team at Media Experts is here to break down their predictions for which are sure-fire hits (and which will go down in flames) among the roster of new shows debuting.  

No doubt you have been exposed to some of the promos the stations have been airing. With a mix of sci-fi, horror, comedy and lots of drama hitting the airwaves, there is sure to be something to satisfy everyone’s viewing preferences. 

Some familiar faces featured in new roles this fall include Jimmy Smits, Billy Gardell, Patricia Heaton, Timothy Hutton, Michael Sheen and Bradley Whitford. All have appeared in successful television shows in past years and have honed their craft on the small screen. 

Up-and-coming actors like Colbie Smulders, Tom Payne, Caitlin McGee and Arica Himmel are also providing impressive performances in a variety of new shows to entertain the masses.

Peruse the website to see what our experts have to say about each show and their chances of survival. Discover what our success rate was in our predictions from last year!  

Finally, be sure to catch up on the latest news from specialty and digital channels, and OTT streaming channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

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