The Top 6 Priorities for e-Commerce Holiday Results in 2011

A Media Experts White Paper – Executive Summary

Background – 2011 is THE Year for Online Shopping

Canadian online retail activity, characterized by slow and steady growth, has now reached critical mass and Canadian retailers need to ready themselves for the biggest wave of online holiday shopping in our history.

All Signs Point to a Record Year for Online Holiday Shopping, Researching and Buying

Data from multiple sources suggests that online shopping and spending growth during the 2011 Holiday season will significantly outpace offline spending growth. Analysis of search behaviour patterns point to a record year in 2011, spiking at the Holiday shopping period. Canadian shoppers will research, compare and look for specials online in record numbers this holiday season.

The 6 Priorities

Media Experts has identified six key areas on which Canadians marketers should focus in order to fully capitalize on the record-setting Canadian online retail growth which will reach a critical mass in this Holiday season during three of the most important retail shopping days of the year; Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day.

To ensure you have a comprehensive strategy in place to be fully prepared to take advantage of the record-setting growth in Canadian online retail activity this Holiday season, you are invited to download a full copy of The Top 6 Priorities for e-Commerce Holiday Results in 2011 here.