This year marks a new mantra “Let’s Change This”, extends to both the state of mental health in our country and the campaign itself, whose 13th edition marks a notable shift, ushering in a new era in the fight against Canada’s mental health crisis.

In the past, Bell has committed to contributing 5 cents for each online interaction to various causes around Canada. Today, Bell has announced that they are donating 10 million dollars towards mental health in Canada, more than ever committed, replacing the previous donation model.

Instead of encouraging Canadians to interact through the use of hashtags or filters in order to raise funds, Bell is asking them to take small but impactful steps within their own lives, moving the ripple effect from online to offline. These actions include:

  • Joining the mental health conversation
  • Learning about a mental health organization
  • Making a donation
  • Reaching out to a friend
  • Participating in or organizing a mental health initiative

Since spearheading Bell Let’s Talk in 2011, Media Experts has played an integral role in increasing awareness and expanding reach year after year. Our passion for this campaign continues to grow, as statistics show its importance is more relevant than ever.