Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day

Now more than ever, every action counts.” This mantra, born from the mental anguish many Canadians face throughout their daily lives, sparked a big change and opened the conversation about mental health in unprecedented ways. The trailblazing Bell Let’s Talk campaign, which celebrates its 12th anniversary in 2022 is now a leading initiative in the media industry and throughout Canada.

A quick recap. This nationwide awareness day spans from St. Johns to Tofino, and no matter where you are in Canada, you can make a difference. The ways in which to participate are as simple as they are plentiful: for every text, call, video view, hashtag use, Snapchat Lens share, and Facebook frame applied, Bell will contribute 5¢ toward mental health support services.

Spearheading the initiative since 2011, Media Experts has played an integral role in improving this campaign year after year, ensuring it is bigger and better at increasing awareness and expanding its reach.

As our country struggles with the mental and emotional exhaustion brought forward by COVID-19, we are realizing the importance of addressing mental illness in new and contemporary ways. This year, our campaign goal is straightforward: increase the countables the day of by reaching more Canadians with a message of consideration, support, help and inclusion.


We encourage everyone to get involved and do their part in spreading awareness. Here’s how:

  • Tweet the #BellLetsTalk hashtag and #Bellcause
  • Watch and share the BLT official video on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat , TikTok, Twitter and YouTube – every view counts!
  • Upload the temporary BLT Facebook profile frame
  • Use and share the BLT Snapchat Lens
  • Send text messages (but be sure to turn off iMessage first)
  • Make mobile or long-distance calls

Providing support and compassion to one another as fellow human beings is how we measure our success. So reach out, do your part and Let’s Talk!