Twitter Adds New Targeting

Last week, Twitter introduced two new targeting abilities to their advertising platform’s Tailored Audiences program. Tailored Audiences launched in December 2013 with the ability to re-target ads to website visitors who also use Twitter.

1. CRM Audiences

The first update allows advertisers to upload e-mail addresses from clients’ customer relationship management (CRM) databases, match this list to Twitter users and thereby deliver Promoted Tweets ads to existing customers. Alternatively, these customers could be excluded in order to deliver ads to non-customers only. Twitter is just catching up with this kind of targeting, as it has been offered by Facebook since September 2012.

2. Twitter ID Audiences

The second update to Tailored Audiences offers the ability to target influencers in particular categories: this is achieved by selecting a customized audience based on specific usernames or user IDs, relevant keywords in users’ biographies and their past Tweets, as well as follower count—which indicates the user’s audience size and therefore influence.

Advertisers can therefore reach the most suitable potential customers, encourage them to follow—through Promoted Account ads, for example—and engage them as followers. Thus far Facebook does not allow the ability to target by specific users or friend count, indicating that Twitter is leading the charge in influencer targeting on social media.

Both targeting options allow advertisers to segment and reach customers with more highly personalized messages. To be mindful of privacy, consumers also have the ability to opt-out of this kind of targeting in their settings. Twitter has also implemented a minimum audience size for tailored audiences in order to avoid overly specific targeting and presumably ensure a reasonable amount of frequency.