Twitter Buys Bluefin Labs

As scooped by Business Insider late yesterday, there is an acquisition in in the TV space that is more important than any of the Super Bowl ads that aired this past Sunday.

Twitter has purchased bluefin labs, Deb Roy’s social media analytics startup that sprang from MIT,  in what is the biggest step to bring social relevance to the Television advertising community.

This partnership will provide advertisers a far more personal relationship with television, and television viewers. Big Data is big business and advertisers have been waiting for a solution to provide context behind all the social chatter around programs and brands on TV.

Twitter is showing that they are heavily invested in television with this investment but, more importantly, it is interesting that one of the leaders in the digital revolution is realizing the success of their brand is reliant on  traditional TV.

To read more, check out Twitter’s rationale at the link below. What do YOU think? Leave your comment below.